Saturday, August 9, 2008


I just came back from this thing with the
young men and women.... we went river rafting
and there is this young mens leader who thought it
was funny to do all of the things I HATE!!!!!!!
So I am going along.....................................
and he tells me that there are water snakes in the
water... well I panic and I fall out of my tube and this is
ice water.. and I am screaming and oh my it was just bad!
then he got out of the water with a lot of people so some friends
of mine are all together and we are like why are you getting out
and he says there are a bunch of dead fish so I start screaming again
and then he tells us there are leaches and yeah.. and I got sucked
under by a tree... and for those who no me with bee's I am like deathly
allergic to them.. ( we just found out ) I just have a bad reaction well
I am minding my own business and I look down and there is a huge bee
on me I jump off my tube and was freakin out I have a lot
of scratches on me... So at the end the wind picked
up and my lips were blue. So after that we went on a 10 mile hike That was not
fun! so yeah but the best part was just coming home haha on the plus side
there were some dang cute boys there!

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Kari said...

I know your fear of snakes!!! So sorry!!! Atleast you had an experience right???? And like you said...cute boys!!!