Sunday, August 17, 2008

High school...Stomp!

I had my first...Real....Stomp My friends and I went to the school to get a tour, then to the Football game, and then to the stomp. Going into the school my friends and I were saying " remember is 7th grade we were like there is only 6 years of school left, we will never get to high school!" We all looked at each other and said, I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP! This year will be so scary, fun, and sad, and MORE DRAMA! I wont have my "sister" there with me to go to when something goes wrong. I will be driving soon, and CRASH! haha At school, everyone and I mean everyone, comes to me with there drama and asks me to fix it. At the football game there are all of these people, Cute boys! haha and some girls, they ask your Austins sister right, I said yes, and there like ok we will be best friends sense we are going to hangout like all the time I said....Ok haha wow! so that is what is new so far in my life! Oh and dance! This week I was kind of bad because my brother threw a book at my ankle and I have hurt that ankle so it was in a lot of pain, so It wasn't my best week in dance, But I hope it will be all better next week.

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