Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have not been on for so long! weird/fun/boring/boys/boys/boys!! I find my self distracted with the opposite sex... A lot! But School is crazy there are so many people and a lot of home work! My teachers like me...well who wouldn't! haha just kidding! But I love going to seminary its my favorite class ever!!! I learn a lot, there are sir boys that have such a great testimony of the church, and...they are varsity football players!!!!!! But I really do learn a lot! I had drivers ed, and I went out driving the other day and you go with like 3 kids and a teacher. Well there is this girl and I in the back and this jr boy in the front. He was backing up and I looked at him in the eye and I said " you have beautiful eyes!!" So we were all scard, but I broke the ice haha. Then the drivers ed teacher had this tan, and I said you are not from Utah you are form CA! He was like yes I am I said I can tell a CA tan when I see one.. Then I talked about how I should have brought sun glasses, the teacher said yeah it is sunny out here I said No way I just have some really cute glasses! I have had fun this year so far!
I will try and be a lot better about up dating!


Kelli said...

Man I miss you so much!!! I'm glad that you are having a good time, and I am really glad that you are going to seminary. I love you!

Kari said...

sounds like things are going good so far! Seminary your favorite class......awesome! I bet drivers ed is will be a great driver....just quit distracting those boys!!!!!
love ya